Strings' 99 Speakers:

O. Aharony (Rutgers): ""Little String Theory" at the Millenium"
I. Antoniadis (Paris): "Mass Scales in String Theories"
C. Bachas (Paris): "Brane World and the Gauge Hierarchy"
N. Berkovits (Sao Paulo): "Quantization of the Superstring in Ramond-Ramond Backgrounds"
R. Blumenhagen (Berlin): "Aspects of Type 0 String Theory"
R. Bousso (Stanford): "The Holographic Principle for General Backgrounds"
J. de Boer (Leiden): "String Theory on AdS Backgrounds"
B. de Wit (Utrecht/AEI Potsdam): "Area Law Corrections from State Counting and Supergravity"
R. Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam): "On the D1-D5 Conformal Field Theory"
L. Dixon (SLAC): "Perturbative Relations between Gravity and Gauge Theory"
M. Douglas (Rutgers): "Topics in D-Geometry"
S. Ferrara (CERN): "Type IIB Spectroscopy on AdS5 and SCFT's"
M. Gaberdiel (Cambridge): "Non-BPS Dirichlet Branes"
G. Gibbons (Cambridge): "Holography and the Future Tube"
M. Green (Cambridge): "Systematics of the M Theory Derivative Expansion"
D. Gross (Santa Barbara): "Conference Summary"
S. Gubser (Harvard): "Non-conformal Examples of the Supergravity/Gauge Theory Correspondence"
S. Hawking (Cambridge): "Stability in ADS and Phase Transitions"
J. Hoppe (AEI Potsdam): "Zero Energy States in Supersymmetric Matrix Models"
P. Horava (Caltech): "M-Theory, Mach's Principle and Tachyon Condensation on Branes"
G. Horowitz (Santa Barbara): "Black Holes in String Theory"
L. Ibanez (Madrid): "The Second String (Phenomenology) Revolution"
S. Kachru (Berkeley): "Aspects of Non-supersymmetric Strings"
R. Kallosh (Stanford): "BRST Quantization in AdS Space"
A. Karch (MIT): "Brane Diamonds"
I. Klebanov (Princeton): "Absorption by Threebranes and the AdS/CFT Correspondence"
J. Maldacena (Harvard): "Some Issues in the AdS/CFT Correspondence"
P. Mayr (CERN): "Non-perturbative N=1 Strings from Geometric Singularities"
N. Nekrasov (Harvard): "On the Gauge Theory/Sigma Model Correspondence"
N. Obers (Copenhagen): "Eisenstein Series and String Thresholds"
H. Ooguri (Berkeley): "Wilson Loops in Large N Theories"
B. Ovrut (Philadelphia): "Non-perturbative Vacua in M-Theory"
A. Peet (Santa Barbara): "Baldness/Delocalization in Intersecting Brane Systems"
J. Polchinski (Santa Barbara): "DLCQ of D=4, N=4 Gauge Theory"
A. Sagnotti (Rome): "Supersymmetry Breaking and Open Strings"
J. Schwarz (Caltech): "Some Remarks on Non-BPS D-Branes"
N. Seiberg (Princeton): "String Theory and Noncommutative Geometry"
A. Sen (Allahabad/CERN): "Non-BPS D-Branes in String Theory"
J. Sonnenschein (Tel Aviv): "Wilson Loops from Supergravity and String Theory"
M. Staudacher (AEI Potsdam): "Yang-Mills Integrals"
S. Theisen (München): "Field Theory Anomalies from the AdS/CFT Correspondence"
P. Townsend (Cambridge): "Calibrating Branes: M-Phrenology"
E. Verlinde (Utrecht): "Holography, Compactification And The Cosmological Constant"
N. Warner (USC/CERN): "Renormalization Group Flows from Five-Dimensional Supergravity"
E. Witten (Princeton): "New Results on Strings and Noncommutative Yang-Mills Theory"
T. Yoneya (Tokyo): "Generalized Conformal Symmetry and Supergravity-Matrix Theory Correspondence"

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